Hotel Indonesia Opening Sea Games

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Welcome to the statue or monument in front of Hotel Indonesia was made in preparation for the implementation of ASIAN GAMES to IV in Jakarta in 1962. The development objective of this statue is to welcome the guests who arrived in Jakarta in order to feast the sport. The statue depicts two young men who brought flowers-i as a welcome guest.

Hotel Indonesia at the time was the entrance gate of the capital Jakarta and also is the gateway to a series of matches held at Istora. At that time all foreign visitors who arrived in Jakarta in through Kemayoran International Airport and headed straight to the hotel Indonesia, which became places of accommodation for them, so that before they entered the hotel then they will get a statue for it in front of him.

The idea of making this sculpture came from President Sukarno and the design was originally done by Henk Ngantung which at that time was deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta. Statue made of bronze. High statue from head to toe 5 meters. The height of the foot until all the waving hand is 7 meters. While voetstuk or foot tall statue is 10 meters is done by the PN. Housing Development. Implementing the manufacture of the statue is a statue of Family sculptor team leader in Karangwuni Sunarso Edhi. At the time of making the president Soekarno was accompanied by American Ambassador at the time that Mr. Jones and his ministers had visited the Edhi Sunarso studio. Making this sculpture takes about one year. Inaugurated by President Sukarno in 1962.

In the year June 22, 2002, just in time for the anniversary celebration of the 475th city in the Roundabout HI fountain was renovated at a cost amounting to Rp 14 billion in compensation for the results obtained from ten-point advertisement. The restructuring of the fountain or renovation done since ancient assessed, outdated, and a lot of damage. The fountain which has five variations of the water jets run by a computer program and begin tested on June 12, 2002. Since then, the management and supervision fountain submitted to the Jakarta government is renovating a third party. The statue was until now still remains a statue of city pride that never tired greet and welcome for guests visitors capital city of Jakarta.

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