All in One and Eleven seagames

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SEA Games in 2011 All in One and Eleven


Viewed with the blink of an eye, it would not be difficult to realize that the number eleven coloring the Indonesian 26th SEA Games event to be held in Palembang, South Sumatra and Jakarta in 2011.

This phenomenon can be seen from the eleven number, emerged in year, month, date of implementation of the SEA Games, even the number of days the holding the event contains the number eleven (11). Then, SEA Games participant is a total of 11 ASEAN countries. Even Vice President Boediono that will open and close the SEA Games are listed as the 11th vice president in Indonesia.

Uniquely, if we look carefully, the number eleven itself is consists of two single digits. In the implementation of this 26 th SEA Games, the match will be held for 11 days from 11 November 2011 to November 22, 2011. In a short time can be found in more than 11 number one (1).

It should also be able to motivate Indonesia to become the number one. Not only in the administration but also achievements should be ranked one.

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