Thousand of Dancer On Sea Games

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Thousands of Dancers Will Cheer Up the Opening Ceremony of SEA Games.


The need of dancers for the opening and closing of the SEA Games XXVI, November 2011, is still in the discussion of the Indonesia Sea Games Organizing Committee. According to Indonesia National Sport Committee of South Sumatra Province Vice Chairman Zainal Dhenie, on Sunday (6 / 2), it is still coordinating with the National Organizing Committee about the needs of dancers coming SEA Games.

He hopes in the near future the number of dancers can be determined for the committee to select future participants from this region. But Zainal estimates, the number of dancers to fill the opening and closing of the Games as the upcoming Southeast Asia could reach 1,500 people. "Coach Deny Malik dance routine as well as the coordinator to communicate to recruit dancers needed later," he said.

Besides the upcoming SEA Games held in Jakarta, also held in Palembang. South Sumatra provincial capital is not just a game where 22 branches of sport, but also the location of the opening and closing.

Special SEA Games held in Palembang, South Sumatra, will be attended by at least 5000 athletes, coaches and sports coaches from 11 participating countries. SEA Games will be followed by 11 participants, among others, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, and host Indonesia.

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