Smoke Free during sea Games

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Smoke Free during Indonesia 26th SEA Games 2011


Government of South Sumatra early campaigned for the resurrection of sport without the smoke and the tobacco industry sponsors. XXVI SEA Games which will be held in November was declared non-smoking.

Confirmed in every corner of the city, including venues for the SEA Games in Palembang, will be listed warning, “no smoking allowed”. This is the commitment of the Government of South Sumatra Province and the Government of the Pelembang City to create clean air for the biggest sports event in Southeast Asia.

Actually, no smoking area policy has been rolled out by Palembang City Government through the Regional Regulation No7 in 2009 on Regions without Cigarettes. Local Policy has been effective since May 2010 by placing certain areas as smoke free public places such as workplaces, places of worship, arena, children's activities, public transport, the area of teaching and learning process and the health service.

The birth of the region without a cigarette regulations in Palembang, one was depart from the findings of John Hopkins Bloomberg said, almost all buildings that have no restrictions on smoking were tainted PM (unit smoke) 2.5 consisting of nicotine, TAR, and carbon dioxide. John's research also revealed cigarette smoke is potentially harmful to health, especially in children.

Apparently the anti-smoking programs have been adopted for a number of countries in the world who often hold an international sporting event. Policies which resist harsh smell of cigarette smoke have also been carried out during the event the SEA Games in Laos three years ago.

Even the Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Alfian Mallarangeng said would create firm rules about the anti-cigarette and the smoke held during sporting events.

"Even including strictly prohibits tobacco companies sponsoring sporting activities especially multi event like Olympic, Asian Games and SEA Games. We will make the rules, "Andi said some time ago in Jakarta.

So far, Indonesia and Cambodia are the two ASEAN countries are still free tobacco sponsorship at sports events, music concerts to street party. Data of the National Commission for Child Protection revealed that during 2007 in Indonesia there are 870 sports events sponsored by tobacco companies.

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